List of Library Items

Title Author
Shrimp Boats Al Stine
Watercolor Barb Nechis
Painting the Figure in Watercolor G.S. Labadie
Watercolor Frank WEbb
Women in Art, Georgia O'Keefe O'Keefe
The Helga Pictures, Andrew Wyeth Wyeth
The Art of Creating Monotypes Video and Book
Painting With Light Don Andrews
Color Concepts, Impressionist Palette Chris Schink
Watercolor Pure and Simple, (No Sound) Ron Ransom
Granulation Don Andrews
Trees and Water Tony Couch
Watercolor with Imagination Don Rankin
Lesson #1 Intro and 12 Shapes Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #2 Pure pigment+Palette+Mouse Power Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #3 Green Should Not Look Green Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #4 Paper As Part of the Painting Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #5 Octanic Color Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #6 The Dark Partners Jeanne Dobie
Lesson #7 Errors Into Assets Jeanne Dobie
Figures in the Landscape Don Andrews
How to Loosen Up Don Andrews
Michigan Watercolors Nita Engle
Starting Watercolor the Right Way Zoltan Szabo
A Quiet Way of Life Gary Akers
Rocks, Puddles and Weeds Tony Couch
Painting Streams, Rocks and Trees Tony Couch
Watercolor Demonstration: Gloucester Harbor Irving Shapiro
Midwest Watercolor Society 24th Annual Exhibit
Midwest Watercolor Society 20th Galley Walk
Hand Lettering on Fabric Lisa Engelbrecht
Capturing the Essence of a Bouquet Janet Walsh
Exploring Color Volume #1 Basic Color Mixing Nita Leland
Designing With Light in Watercolor Skip Lawrence
Midwest Watercolor Society 21st Gallery Walk
Flowers Charles Reid
Figure Painting/Nude Charles Reid
Watercolor Barb Nechis
Midwest Watercolor Society Gallery Walk - 1998
Watercolor Landscapes From Photographs Ron Ranson
Skies Ron Ranson
Watercolor Workshop Karlyn Holman
Color Concepts Stephen Quiller
Color For The Artist Stephen Quiller
Watercolor Techniques Part 1 Tom Lynch
Watercolor Techniques Part 2 Tom Lynch
Six Steps To Success Cassette Tape
Pat Dews' Watercolors Pat Dews
Direction, Flat or Round, Shapes, Color as Value Set of 4 Tapes
Cheap Joes Card Factory
Pour It On Stephen Blackburn
Painting a Barn in Watercolor Al Stine
Midwest Watercolor Society Gallery Walk
Yosemite Falls Rapids Zoltan Szabo
Watercolor Basics Birgit O'Connor
Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas Tom Lynch
Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas Tom Lynch
Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas Tom Lynch
Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas Tom Lynch
Secrets of Painting on Watercolor Canvas Tom Lynch
Intro to Watercolor B. Wanagas
Watercolor: Problems and Solutions Part 1 Trudy Friend
Watercolor: Problems and Solutions Part 2 Trudy Friend
Watercolor Simplified Pat Weaver
Watercolors That Sparkle with Life Cindy Agan
Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor James Toogood
Painting Outside the Lines (Video) Linda Kemp
Seascape in Watercolor Part 1 J. Robinson
Painting FLowers and Plants J. Whittle
Seascapes in Watercolor Part 2 J. Robinson
Pour On Glowing Glazes J.F.Wallake
Beautiful Botanicals B.S. King
Celebrating the Seasons in Watercolor Donald Clegg
Capturing Limited Light w/ Expressive Brushwork Betty Carr
Dramatic Light in Watercolor and Oil Patrick Howe
T-Shirt and Fabric Airbrushing Tim Mitchell
Airbrush Techniques Robert Paschal
Airbrush Techniques w/ Stallard and Paschal S. Stallard/R. Paschal
TWSA National Exhibit 2007 TWSA
Painting a Personal Reality in Watercolor Ratinda Das
TWSA National Exhibit 2008 TWSA
Sunlight in Watercolour John Yadley
Watercolor Pure & Simple Ron Ranson
Winter's Soft Mantle C-IV Tony Couch
Flower Painting Karen Simmons
Portrait in Watercolor Roberta C. Clark
Designing with Light in Color Skip Lawrence
Painting Flowers and Plants Janet Whittle
Incredible Light & Texture James Toogood
Midwest Watercolor Society Gallery Walk 1995
Loosen Up with Confidence Helga Flower
Watercolor Another Way Lou Taylor
Vibrant Orchid: Painting in the Flow of Watercolor Ann Pember
Chinese Brush Painting: Peony I-Hsiung Ju
White Azaleas Zoltan Szabo
Little Falls Zoltan Szabo
Artist to Artist Tony Armendiaz